How long driver waits for me at the airport

Please give us your flight number when you book. This is very important as it will help us adjust your pick-up time automatically if needed. Whether your flight is on time, early or late, we’ll be there as scheduled and we’ll wait up to 60 minutes after your flight arrival time – plenty of time for you to get through security and collect your bags.

We therefore automatically adjusted pick-up time.

How do I pay my booking

Currently, we accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard, as well as most major debit cards. and several local payment methods like Mistercash. We also accept payment via PayPal. Our online payments are handled by Stripe.

Is it safe and secure?

Your card details will be encrypted and the connection is secured with TLS/SSL, ensuring that your card details are safe at all times.

May I book over the thelephone

No, unfortunately. All the bookings must be done online, directly from our website.

Can I book a return trip

Yes, and it’s easy: when entering your trip details on the booking widget, you’ll see an option to select a return journey using the same locations “return trip” button, simply click it and enter a date and time. On the result page this time you will have 2 tabs. 1 for outbound trip ( make sure you select your vehicle according to your needs and budget. 2 for return trip, also make sure you select your vehicle for return. Do not forget to client on “Book now button” and complete the form.

Booking a return trip is as simple as that.

Can I book for someone else

Yes, you can. Just remember that the contact details you enter will be used for important communication about the booking. The invoice however will come under the name of main passenger. We strongly recommend that you enter the mobile phone number of the passenger, so the driver can get in touch at the time of pick-up, if needed.

Do I need a working mobile telephone at time of pick-up

Yes for sure. For example, we may need to update your pick-up location, your driver may be struggling to find you or there may be an emergency. Some drivers may be able to use online messaging apps,but not all, so be sure to give us a mobile phone number that we can call you on at the time of pick-up, including your international dialling code.

What happens after I finish booking

As soon as you’ve completed your booking, you’ll receive a confirmation email and text message. Make sure you read all of the confirmation emails to ensure your journey details are correct.

What is the cancellation policy

We apply 24h cancellation policy. any booking cancelled 24 hours before departure will be fully refunded. All bookings cancelled less than 24 hours before departure will not be refunded

Can I add an extra stop during my booking

Absolutly. You can add up to 3 extra stops. On your booking widget simply click on the “Via” button and entre the exact address of your stopover.

How much luggage can I carry.

We allow:

  • 3 bags for standard vehicle (Skoda Octavia or similar)
  • 3 bags for executive vehicle (Mercedes Benz E class)
  • 8 bags for standard minivan (Opel Viraro or similar)
  • 8 bags for executive minivan (Mercedes Benz V class)

What happens if my flight is cancelled

If your flight is cancelled, our normal cancellation policy will apply. It is usually possible to claim back the cost of your transfer either from your airline or your travel insurance.

Do I need to confirm my return trip

No, there’s no need to confirm a return journey, just enjoy your stay and your driver will collect you at your booked pick-up location.

Who should I contact if I forget things in the vehicle

We recommend contacting your driver directly using the number we sent you prior to pick-up. If you need further help, you can contact us and we will help for your belongings.

Can I cancel my booking

You can cancel your trip up to 24 hours before pick-up by heading to My Account.

Most bookings can be cancelled easily as long as the driver has enough notice.

How is my personal date used

Your trust means everything to us, so we’re committed to protecting any personal information that you give us. We always treat your data with the utmost care and will only ever use it for purposes you have agreed to.

Can I book a childseat

Yes we provide booster seats for free. However a childseat or infant seat can be booked for an additional cost of 10 euros. Simply make sure you choose this by selecting “More options” checkbox”